Introduction to the WordPress Survey Plugin

Of all the techniques to improve your product or business, conducting surveys is probably the best. Surveys can point out the flaws and shortcomings of your service. A good survey is worth millions. Let’s take a look at the technical aspects of conducting a survey. A good WordPress survey plugin is vital to conducting effective surveys.

Asking site visitors to fill out a survey can give you valuable information about what they want and how they think you are delivering. If your site uses WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, you need a powerful survey WordPress plugin with the following must-have features.

Unlimited Survey Capabilities

WordPress Survey Plugin

WordPress survey plugin

The plugin you choose should let you run unlimited surveys with an unlimited number of participants. One-time or capped WordPress survey plugin options lack value for the long-term.

The more data you gather, the better. You can make informed decisions if you have ample of survey data. Hence, the WordPress survey plugin that you choose must have the ability to perform unlimited real-time surveys.

Personal Data Collection

Combine a WordPress survey plugin with your email list opt-in system for ongoing benefits. Getting information once helps, but the ability to collect contact information improves marketing overall. Collecting email address and phone numbers gives you higher conversions. A WordPress survey plugin should have a feature wherein you can collect the contact info of the surveyee.

Multiple Answer Options

WordPress Survey Plugin

WordPress Survey Plugin

The best surveys use checkboxes, multiple choices, and write-in answer fields to gather the most information possible. In order to use it successfully multiple times, you need the ability to change the structure for each use. Widening the possibility of answers will give a wider look at your product or business. The scope for improvement increases accordingly.

Flexible Design With Text, Image, and Video

Do you need opinions on a new graphic or want survey participants to watch a short video before sharing their answers? The ability to integrate all forms of content with the survey directly enhances its use and flexibility. Providing an interactive survey form is the key to maximum conversion. If the survey form looks pale, there are high chances that no one will take the survey.

Integrated and Mobile Responsive Design

Integrated and Mobile Responsive Design

An ever-increasing percentage of consumers are accessing the Internet primarily from smartphones and other mobile devices. This means that any WordPress survey plugin you choose for business must be 100% responsive and mobile-ready. Do not shut out a large chunk of your target audience. Not everyone uses a laptop or a desktop; your survey form should look nice no matter what the screen size is.

Powerful Answer Analysis

As pretty as the WordPress survey plugin may look on your website or as much flexibility as it offers when it comes to inputting answers, it will be virtually useless if you cannot easily sort and analyze the collected data. Not only should the survey responses be highly accessible, but the traffic to the survey should also be revealed. You need to know how people found it, why they clicked, and what made them fill it out.

WordPress offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to designing and working with a professional-quality business website. A powerful survey plugin lets you put your finger on the pulse of your target audience. It gives you more information than anything else because site visitors share it freely with you.

With all the power and possibilities, the mechanism behind the survey and collection of data needs to be strong, flexible, and have plenty of capabilities you need. Every successfully completed survey campaign relies on the careful collection of answers, contact information, and visitor analysis, so you know what works and what does not.

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