WordPress is one of the best platforms in the web. Although it offers heaps of features and flexibility, there are still some gaps to be filled from its core software by implementing WordPress plugins. The best strategy to fill in the missing is to select and apply the most suitable WordPress plug-ins.

With over 40,000 choices to choose from the WordPress Plug-in Directory, picking the best plug-ins can be a devil of a job. Plug-ins are installed so that site admins may have the capabilities to customize and optimize their websites. There are free and premium WordPress plug-ins to choose from. We have picked out the cream of the crop for you. These 11 plugins are the must-haves this 2017.


For business owners, your contact form should be on top of your list. For newbies, the best yet the simplest plug-in is the WPForms. Through a drag & drop process, you can easily build your form and customize it to create contact forms, email subscriptions, payment, and order forms. You can install the Lite version for free or you can enjoy the more advanced features by purchasing the Pro Version.


Everyone hates comment spam. Get rid of pesky and useless junk mail and emails with Akismet. It’s been around for a long time and it still made it to our list because of its efficiency. Spam is undoubtedly annoying. Akismet saves you from the headache of seeing those comment spams. It automatically deletes those junk comments on its own so you wouldn’t have to look at those eye sores.

Google XML Sitemaps

To ensure that your SEO posts are optimized, install the Google XML Sitemap. This plug-in provides you site with what it exactly needs to help your site rank higher. The sitemap enables Google to crawl and read your website.

W3 Total Cache

No one is drawn to websites that load very slowly. To improve the overall website experience for your audience, install the W3 Total Cache. This highly increased the page load speed specifically for WordPress websites. By reducing download times, it also improves your site performance which leads to an increase in your site’s rank in search engines. This particular plugin is very important for websites to ensure consistent performance when there are high traffic periods.


With the extent of knowledge in hacking of today’s generation, it is only necessary for you to increase your website’s security. Sucuri is the best choice when it comes to this. It monitors and protects you from malware, threats, DDoS, and XSS attacks. Sucuri is simply the best protection that you can get for your website.


Jetpack is the ultimate plugin that you need for WordPress. It’s one plugin that you can’t live without. Everything you need is in its bundle – design customization, security, and the ability to grow. Jetpack allows you to use image tools, add rich content, and activate free themes. It protects your website with secure logins and brute attacks. Most especially, it helps you improve your traffic through social sharing. It also increases traffic by loading your site faster and automatic related content. The best part of all? The plug-in is free and hosted by WordPress itself. So you save yourself from all the strain in activating and studying new plugins.


We’re sure that you all have heard of WooCommerce. It’s a standard plug-in, especially for certain these because it has revolutionized business marketing for WordPress. Running online stores in WordPress used to be too difficult. WooCommerce made it a walk in the park. It might require you to learn some skills to fully utilize its potential, but it’s nothing compared to the advantages and profits that it could bring into your website.

Wordfence Security

It’s better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to your intellectual property and your prized photos, you should not leave any security lapses that may allow the thieves from breaking in. Wordfence is a security plugin that blocks malicious networks, monitors different metrics that could render your site more open to attacks, and scans your entire website for other vulnerabilities. Many webmasters recognize the necessity of having multiple security plugins. Wordfence is something that you can trust.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is simply a must-have if you are going for an improved SEO. A of things have changed when it comes to SEO this year, but one thing remains the same – optimized content for Google Search. SEO avoids wrong content optimization. This helps you in every step you take in optimizing your website. With Yoast, you can disregard the extra XML plugins. Yoast already makes sure you are getting the best optimization that you deserve.

Google Analytics by Yoast

Running an online venture can be so tough. It might seem like having 20 browsers open at a time. You get confused on what browser you are currently in and you end up being slow and inefficient. Google Analytics is the answer to your problem.

If you want to have everything in check, you have to get this plugin. Right there and then, you get the complete picture of your metrics. You can view the analytics in your dashboard. The page provides you with complete data on your site’s performance. By knowing these , you’ll track the pages that increase you traffic and you also get a look at the pages with poor performance. Google Analytics simply gives you the opportunity of improving your site’s overall performance.

Simple Social Share

Let’s get to it. Social Media has now taken over the internet. By installing the Simple Social Share plugin, you add social buttons and various sharing options on your blog posts and pages. This allows your users to share your pages on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter in a click. Increase your website’s social network visibility and improve your traffic through this plugin.

Need Help Implementing WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is already beautiful in itself, but with the addition of these plugins, you could have an even better experience. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the 11 plugins that you absolutely need in 2017. Time to get working! If you need any help implementing WordPress plugins feel free to reach out to us!

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