Some themes may look like this when you install them on a fresh clean WordPress:


Not to fear…it’s how the design of the theme is when viewing a page without content. The main content area does not have a “fixed width” attribute, nor does the sidebar columns. I did this for a reason of more flexibility in my theme layouts which allows for “collapsible columns” when no content is in them. Only the widgets will have a width predetermined so that when you add a widget to a sidebar column, for example the Right Column, it will resize the column to that width. The main content area (where your page content or post goes) when content exists, will auto size that area, therefore you get a proper looking layout.

  • Main Content – The light colour background you see in the screenshot
  • Right Column – The darker pre-loaded widgets in the screenshot.

In summary, when you have a mininum of a full sentence of content in the main content area of the page or post, the column layout will self-adjust.

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