This theme offers “shortcodes” which are like mini-templates of html snippets that you paste into your page or posting. You can do almost any kind of shortcode but this theme already comes with pre-defined set of snippets that you can use within your content.

Shortcode Snippets

When you login to your admin, go to the Transition Pro control panel at the bottom of the left column menu group in your dashboard. When you click on the right side (see the screenshot below), you will see an submenu for “Shortcodes”.


When you click on the “Shortcodes” submenu, you will see a full page of snippests that you can use. All you do is copy and paste directly into your editor but make sure you are in the source html view when pasting, otherwise it won’t work properly. Current shortcodes for the Transition theme are:

  • Read More button
  • Twitter this page
  • List Style 1
  • List Style 2
  • List Style 3
  • Drop Cap 1
  • Drop Cap 2
  • Quote Style 1
  • Quote Style 2
  • Quote Style 3
  • Quote Style 4
  • 2-Columns
  • 3-Columns
  • 4-columns

What Does a Shortcode Look Like?

WordPress shortcodes are inserted with square brackets. For example, if you want to twitter this page, you would put this into the source code view:


Or, if you want to add a list style (bullet list), then it would look like this:

<li>Item One</li>
<li>Item Two </li>
<li>Item Three </li>

Some are simple like the twitter one where you just simply paste it and that’s it, while other shortcodes has sample content for you to replace with your own – just like the sample above for the list style.

However, if you want to see what they look like live, you can check out the Online Demo for Transition under the “Shortcodes” menu.

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