One frustration with WordPress is that the text widget is just too limited in functionality. One particular feature is to have a wider text area to add your content, so I created a new widget, based on the default text widget. The widget now provides a wider area to add column short codes (which is best suited for this) and it’s the widget you will use for the “Top Widget” position because it’s a single position. To get columns to simulate widgets, you can use this with the Visionary column shortcodes to give you 1, 2, 3, and 4 columns.


When you go to Appearance >> Widgets, you will see the Pixel Text Widget there. Simply drag it into the position you want to publish it to, add your content, and click SAVE.

Default width for this widget text area is 950px….lots of room!

The Pixel Text Widget also supports shortcodes.

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