SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Using search engine optimization is the process of influencing the online presence of any specific website in search engine result. SEO is natural or acquired results. Our web team at Scepter Marketing, our local digital services agency, can help you with setting up and SEO-optimising your site.

What Are the Main Stages of Using Search Engine Optimization?

Using Search Engine Optimization is a continuous procedure accompanied by protocols and variant processes. SEO comprises two main stages:

On-site SEO

How to grab search engine-friendly status for your website by implementing variant protocols.

Off-site SEO

How to attain better rank in search results and how to endorse website among the masses.

Why is Using Search Engine Optimization Crucial?

In this competitive and ever-changing world, using search engine optimization is more significant than ever. Every day, search engine tools like Google, Yahoo, and Bing serve billions of consumers from all over the world, seeking for their queries every second.  For quality services in using search engine optimization, you can check out  SandCrestSEO.

How to get more SEO clients for your business?

Well, after reaching a particular stage, you may think about expanding your business. However, before doing so, you should think about how. Do not degrade your services just to manage all the clients. Think of some better alternatives, ensuring that the service quality remains the same or improved. Everyone looks for better services. So, if you degrade the quality of offered services, then not only will you not gain new clients, there is a possibility that you will even lose your existing ones as well. Below, I have suggested some ways that will surely help you to get new clients:

Check SEO job boards

Various SEO job boards like Craigslist and Warrior Forum give excellent opportunities to explore fresh and potential clients. Also, you can research advertisements posted by different people looking for SEO services and mail them accordingly to receive a quick response. In the same manner, you can also display your own advertisement with your skills and services.

Get referred

The best and most authentic reference can be given by gratified clients with whom you worked in the past. You can directly request their recommendation. You can also ask for their written testimonials that you can post in your profile. Additionally, your vast network of friends and acquaintances can even give reference to yours.

Enlist your services and relevant rates

This approach works incredibly. The reason behind this is the fact that when clients from all over the world are seeking the assistance of SEO and they perceive a decent offer associated with quality and quantity, then they can contact you immediately.

Partner with experienced freelance web designers

This tried and tested technique works in the long run if you can coordinate with your partners. This incredible technique can render you abundant offers of partnership with fresh clients. Also, if you can provide highly rated work within set deadlines, then you will not face any trouble in designing and coding an incomplete website.

Create a profile on social media

 Today, social media is the most dynamic and free means of communication to approach a vast network of people from all over the world instantly. By availing diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+, you can overwhelmingly attain exposure among the crowd. So, remain active on social media and explore SEO channels. Among these social media platforms, LinkedIn is especially incredible. The reason behind this is that it is a business-oriented platform. Sooner or later you can come across any potential clients or offers.

Follow up the previous clients

Do not ever think that past clients do not matter anymore. They can indeed help you to get new ones. It is possible that it was a one-time client, but you can just remind them of your services in a gentle manner. You could be lucky enough to get some new clients from their reference. However, make sure that you do not spam by sending mass emails to all the previous clients.

Be socially active

With social media, you can no doubt get massive exposure. So explore all the possibilities, especially the channels of SEO. Twitter and Facebook are known for being the most popular social media platforms. They are also widely known for being the best business-oriented network. Again, there is LinkedIn, which will never fail in bringing in the maximum amount of customers for your business. You should also take part in channels and forums, ask for recommendations, and answer questions. However, have patience, you may not get immediate results. However, sooner or later, you will see the miracle yourself!


Hopefully, the tactics I have shared above to get clients will help you in your business. To keep on getting new ideas and information from us, keep following our blogs.

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