Recently there has been a lot of hype about social media marketing and now almost every business has a website or some sort of a social media existence. It is a fact that social media marketing is very effective when it comes to increasing your audience and creating brand awareness but on the other hand, so many people have now entered this field and these platforms that there is now a very serious marketing competition going on. Also, truth be told, you have to sell a unique product or some extraordinary services if you genuinely want to attract people.

There was a time when Facebook was considered to be the only platform where you could create awareness about your brand but now there are two more big competitors in this field and here we are talking about none other than Instagram and Twitter. Now, if you are new to the online marketing world then we are pretty sure you want to know that which platform on Twitter and Instagram is more effective.

Well, you no longer have to worry about this question because here we are to give you an answer with proper justification for where should you begin with.

Twitter Vs Instagram

Let’s be clear on one thing, both Instagram and Twitter are two different platforms and you cannot say anything clear about which one is more effective because, at the end of the day, the effectiveness depends upon your brand and your products that you want to sale. However, we surely can tell you about where, to begin with.

Why Instagram?

The reason why you can pick Instagram as an option is that it is easy here to market your brand and your services because this platform demands creativity and photography, that’s it. Instagram is all about pictures and some creative captions and if you think that yes your skills and your content is capable enough to attract people then you should surely begin with this site. There are no unnecessary features on Instagram and this is one big factor that keeps the audience glued to this app. Also, it is a fact that Instagram has the most engaged users among all the other social sites and application and again the reason behind it is creating content.

Why Twitter?

Twitter, on the other hand, is a completely different platform and as far as its benefits and effectiveness are concerned, well, there are a few points that make Twitter better than Instagram. Here on Twitter you can easily and directly interact with your audience and connect with them via tweeting and replying to their tweets. You can say that Twitter is all about you being active on what’s going on around you and what’s the hot topic of the day. You can tweet about certain stuff, especially about your brand and your product and people will reply and tweet back for that to you. If you’ve got something very unique or different to offer then you can even boost real twitter likes without putting many struggles.

Now we all know the fact that marketing a brand is all about interacting with people and communicating with them and that task is easier on Twitter than on Instagram. So, we would conclude the topic of today with the answer that, yes, Twitter is better than Instagram for your brand. We don’t discourage you on Instagram, in fact, it is better to be present on all the social media platforms but if you are struggling with your marketing then focus more on Twitter.

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