With the showcase introduction setup tutorial, you have the option to choose which showcase you plan to to use. This tutorial is based on the final setup of the Accordion option which gives you up to 5 image panels. The screenshot shows the group of settings for one image panel:


Setting Up your image panels are quite easy:

  1. Have your images prepared ahead of time and upload them to any location you want; some may use the media library in WP, but make sure you copy the full url path to the images for step-4 below. Default sizing for the Layers Theme is 700 x 420 pixels…the 700px width is what is seen when you mouseover a panel, as you can see in the screenshot below. The 700px width is shown within the white border:
  2. Go to Theme Settings and click on the Showcase – Accordion Images panel
  3. Make sure the Image is enabled:
  4. Paste the path to your first image:
  5. If you want a link for this image, enter your full link in the next field:
  6. Repeat for each additional image – up to 5 images (the last image (5) is disabled by default)
  7. Click Save Changes
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