A blockquote is like a function that most html editors will have, where in the case of WordPress, it’s on the editor that looks like this:


  1. Select (highlight) the text content that is to be featured as a quote in your page
  2. Click on the “Blockquote” editor button
  3. Click Save

Your quote should now look like this:


Using the Shortcode Method

  1. In your editor, switch to the HTML view (important)
  2. Shortcode for adding a quote is:
    [blockquote]Your text content here[/blockquote]
  3. You can change the sample text content there with your own in the HTML view or change it in the Visual mode.
  4. Click SAVE

Another Quote Style

The Layers Theme offers one more quote style which is not based on the editor “blockquote” function. Your other option looks like this:


  1. In your content editor, switch to the HTML view (important)
  2. Shortcode for adding this style of quote is:
    [quote]Your text content here[/quote]
  3. Click Save
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