Setting up your social networking bar will depend on if you want to use it at all or if you have select social networks that you use. Right now the Pixel Linear template has the following icons precoded:

  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • RSS

The Twitter option lets you add your username to a field if you want people to click on it and follow you, but the others are precoded to share the article the person is on with their friends. This can of course be changed with some coding if you want to use a different linking method.

The template settings lists out each of the social networks listed and you can either enable the complete social bar (all icons) or enable it but select which networks you want to use.


If you decide you want to change the way the other icons (Myspace, facebook, linkedin, etc) , you have some coding to do.

IMPORTANT: Always make a backup before you do any code changes.

Open the template’s index.php file and look for this code:

< ?php if($twitter || $myspace || $facebook || $linkedin || $rss) : ? >    
< ?php if($twitter) : ?><a href=""
id="sc1" title="Twitter"></a>< ?php endif; ?>
< ?php if($myspace)echo '<a id="sc2" title="MySpace" target="_blank"
 rel="nofollow" href=";u='.$sburl.'&amp;title=" ></a>'; ?>
< ?php if($facebook)echo '<a id="sc3" title="Facebook" target="_blank"
 rel="nofollow" href="'.$sburl.'&amp;title=" ></a>'; ?>
< ?php if($linkedin)echo '<a id="sc4" title="Linkedin" target="_blank"
 rel="nofollow" href=";url='.$sburl.'&amp;title=&amp;summary=" ></a>'; ? >
< ?php if($rss)echo '<a id="sc5" title="RSS this Page" target="_blank"
 rel="nofollow" href="'.$sburl.'/index.php?format=feed&amp;type=rss&amp;title=" ></a>'; ?>
< ?php endif; ?>

You will need to remove the code between the quotes for the href=” ” part (which you see in red) for each social network you see listed; although Twitter already has a custom field in the template settings which allows you to enter your username there.

** Ignore the forward slash you see after the href=” part because my editor here is adding it when I click save to anything with a hyperlink in the code. In the code of the template, that is not there so make sure you do not add that forward slash / you see there.

Adding More Social Networks

I would recommend if you do this that you are familiar with Joomla coding because not only do you code it in the index.php, you also have to code it in a couple other places if you want to have access to their settings in the admin.

One option is to disable the social bar and to download social networking extensions for your site if you want more options. Some comment systems also have this build in.

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