Setting up your showcase is going to be very simple compared to the WordPress version of Visionary because there is very little to do. The Visionary for Joomla does not actually have a built-in showcase slideshow as the WordPress one does because it had to be completely customized and coded right into the theme itself; in Joomla, this is not required. The idea with the Showcase in Joomla is for you to use what “you want” and not what I tell you have to use.

The Showcase position in the Visionary for Joomla is ready for your own choice of any of the huge selection of extensions available to Joomla users:

  • slideshows
  • content sliders
  • movies
  • and any other media based extension

Joomla Image Extensions (opens a new window and will show all of the available image based extensions for you to check out)

Options to consider:

Setting Up the Showcase Extension

Most slideshow extensions are modules which makes it perfect for the Visionary theme.

  1. When you install your choice of slideshow, go to: Extensions >> Module Manager
  2. Find your slideshow module and open it
  3. Configure the module with any of the settings it includes
  4. Set the Module Position to “Showcase” and assign it to any menu location you want this to display
  5. Click SAVE
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