Zen Theme has two showcase options for your Front Page and inner pages:

  1. Widget Showcase (default – will show for the front page and also for inner pages)
  2. My Own Showcase (for the front page only)

The Widget Showcase option lets you add an image to your pages using a widget, either the text widget (don’t add a title to it) or the Pixel Showcase Widget which lets you title your widget but it won’t show on the front-end of the site.

The other option let’s you choose your own slideshow, slider, or other media content plugin. Normally with these, you have to add a small bit of code to your theme file(s) for it to show up. This meant you had to open up your theme files, and find the area within the various html and php code to paste the plugin snippet in; not everyone likes to do this, so I made it a bit more simple.

Setting Up Your Own Showcase

This option is a little bit more work but it does let the individual choose what kind of plugin they want to use from the WordPress.org website plugin directory. You can install a slideshow, content slider, or even a video plugin…the choice is yours. The one thing most will have in common after you install it, is to add a small bit of code into your theme file(s). I made this easier for you by giving you a custom setting which you can simply paste your code in.

  1. Go to your Zen Theme settings and click on the Showcase panel
  2. Choose the “My Own Showcase” option
  3. If your plugin you installed needs you to place some code into your files, you can add this code to the Media Plugin Code field
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Setup your slideshow, slider, or any other media that your plugin requires
  6. View the front of your site and see if it shows properly.
  7. If it doesn’t display, you may need to then manually place this code into the showcase file. To do this, open your theme files: wp-content/themes/zentheme/includes/showcase2.php
  8. look for this code, and replace it with your plugin code:
    <!-- add your own plugin slideshow here --> 
    <?php echo $pts_sccustom; ?>
  9. Save the file and view your site.
  10. In “some” cases, these kind of plugins from third parties, may need some css style adjustments, so review their documentation.
  11. If you still run into problems, you will need to contact the plugin developer support
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