When you first install this theme, you will notice the default logo image is located in the top of the page:


You will obviously want to change this to your own.

Specifics About the Logo

If you are customizing your own logo or already have an existing logo for your web site and company, you should know a few specifics about the area being used within the Corporate theme. First, the default logo you see above has a dimension of 402 x 53 pixels. You do not have to keep to this size but I recommend you do not exceed it too much so that you can maintain the theme’s look and style.

Creating Your Own Logo

Creating your own logo will require you to have an image or graphics application like IIustrator, Photoshop (which is what I did this theme in), Paintshop Pro, or any other capable program that you may have. You can also hire a graphic designer to create a unique logo for yourself as well, although be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars at least. The other option if you cannot make your own is to use a premade logo template, either the one that I did (you need the Photoshop file for this), or you can look online for logo template sites.

Setting up Your Logo

When you log into your WordPress admin, go to APPEARANCE >> THEME-SETTINGS

Look for the logo settings (at the top of the page) and you will see two form fields like this:


Upload your logo to the MEDIA LIBRARY  and once it finishes, you will see the image details page which you will then copy the image path:


**The image path will obviously be different from the sample screenshot shows

In the LOGO SETTINGSAdd Custom Logo” field, you will paste the url of your logo into this area. The next step will be to add an ALT tag description to your logo. This helps people know what the image is in the event the image does not load. Sometimes people will surf the net disabling all images of web sites, so the ALT lets people know what the image is without it being shown. If seo is important, this also helps by using keywords in your ALT description.

Once you added your logo and ALT description, click SAVE CHANGES and view the front of your web site…if all went well, you should now see your new logo which will automatically replace the default logo.

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