Setting up your main menu is going to be a little different with the Zen Theme because it uses one extra feature that a lot of people don’t realize is available in WP’s new menu system…

When you see the live demo for Zen Theme, you will notice the menu items contain a small grey description just below each item. Incidentally, this is called a “description” and is not available by default until you enable this feature in the menu settings of your WP admin.

  1. Log into your WP admin and in the left column, click on Appearance >> Menus
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the upside down tab titled as “Screen Options”
  3. In the drop down panel, put a checkmark in the Description option box
  4. click on the tab again to close it.
  5. With any menu you have setup, if you click on the down arrow of a menu item, example: Home, you will see the description field now shows. Usually by default, WordPress will load your page content into this field, but simply delete it and add your own description. Please note that there is only a small space for this on the front-end of your site for each menu item.
  6. More on menu setup further ahead…

Creating Your Main Menu

First thing you will want to do once you have your description field enabled, is to create your site’s main menu.

  1. While in your menu manager, type in “mainmenu” into the field and click “Save Menu”. You don’t have to name it this, but I find it simple and straight to the point.
  2. In the left side of the menu manager, there will be a “Themes Location” panel showing two dropdown fields…on the Primary menu option, choose the menu you just made and then click SAVE.
  3. Begin adding your new menu items, starting with “Home” being linked to the front page of your site. “Home” will go into the Navigation Label field, the title attribute field is just a title of your link and will show when you hover over the menu item on the front of your site. This is also good for seo because search engines love this.
    NOTE: Each time you add a new menu item, don’t forget to click SAVE Menu.
  4. Starting with your “Home” menu item, now you can add your own description to the description field. Make it simple and remember there is only a small space available unless you edit the menu’s css code to widen the menu spacing.

Once you have all of your menu items in place (and with only the parent menu items having descriptions (you can delete the ones for any sub menus if you wish), you can now view your new menu on the front of your site.

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