When you first install the Layers Theme, you will find the default logo:


You can change this in a few ways:

  1. Change the logo image from the theme’s style.css file
  2. Use the theme settings to completely change the full logo and title to your own
  3. Keep the logo image but change the site title from the WP blog title settings

Changing the logo image from the Style.css

  1. Prepare your own logo and upload it to your theme image folder located in wp-content/themes/layerstheme/images/
  2. Open the theme’s styles located in wp-content/themes/layerstheme/style.css and then find the following line:
    #dlogo {/* default logo */
    padding:21px 0 20px 70px;
    background:url('images/default-logo.png') no-repeat 0 28px;
  3. Make any adjustments to the positioning and styling as needed, including the name of your logo file. This will depend on your logo size (default size is: 60 x 30 pixels).
  4. View the front-end of your site and if it looks good and positioned correctly, you can then move to the next step…
  5. In your WP admin, go to your WP settings (not the theme) and change the Site Title

Use Your Own Logo

It’s important to know that everyone has different kinds of logos, sizes, and colours, so you will need to make some adjustments to the theme styles (style.css) to accommodate your own logo. It’s impossible to design a theme where one size fits all so if you need to make any adjustments to the style attributes, you can open the style.css file and look for the following:

#logo { /* Add your own logo styling here */
#caption { width:480px; float:right;} /* blog description */
#caption h2 {
font:normal 2.75em 'Reenie Beanie', arial, serif;

You may also need to adjust the positioning of your site Caption …the text that is to the right of the logo.

  1. In your WP Admin, go to your Media Library and upload your logo and then copy the url path to the logo image
  2. Now go to Theme Options >> click on Website & Blog Settings
  3. In the Custom Logo field, paste your copied logo image url into the form field and then click Save Changes

Change the Site Title Only

  1. Go to your WP Settings
  2. Change the Site Title to your own
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