In most cases this will be the same but for Evening Shade if you want to use the Breadcrumbs pathway navigation (I recommend this) for your site visitors, this is how you do it.

  1. Go to your Module Manager and click NEW and select “breadcrumbs” as your module type
  2. Set your module parameters as you need but the one thing you don’t have to do is set the module position because there is a script that automatically knows where to put the breadcrumbs. However, to help you out, there is a position called “zero” that I made for things like this so you can simply assign it to that if you wish…just as long as you don’t publish it to an existing “live” position that is part of the template. Note: Zero is not coded into the template but is a real module position
  3. Click SAVE and check the front of your site and navigate through your site. If all went well, you should see the paths show up in the breadcrumbs area of the page (top area).
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