The Visionary comes with a few options to setup your blog and gives you flexibility with your columns (also called “Sidebars”). This theme has the ability to separate widgets for both the blog and your site’s pages by adding special columns for the blog and another set of columns for pages.

For example, here are the special columns (sidebars) for Visionary:

  • Page Left Column
  • Page Right Column
  • Blog Left Column
  • Blog Inset Column
  • Blog Right Column

This lets you have select widgets showing in the blog and not in the pages. For example, if you want the Recent Posts widget to show in the Right Column in the blog but not in pages that have the right column, this lets you publish widgets only to the blog column. Likewise, if you want a widget to show in your site pages but not the blog, then you would place the widget in the Page column options.


By default, the theme settings has the Blog Left Column and the Blog Inset (generally referred to as the third sidebar) Column both disabled. Most common setup is to have a right sidebar showing in a blog. The settings allow you to turn on or off the columns based on your needs because not everyone may want a right column, left, or even an inset column. Before my themes only had one layout coded that was always on, so this version now gives the user the choice.

Setup Your Blog Columns

  1. Choose Disable or Enable for each column sidebar
  2. Click SAVE Changes

Read More Button Style

Something new I’ve added to my themes is the ability to let the user choose the style of the “More Link” in their intro posts. The More Link (also called Read More) gives the person more choices with how their blog looks. Keep note this is for the blog intro’s only. Your options are:

Logo Text

this is a small Visionary logo that sits left of the text based more-link, which will display as “Read More” on your intro’s:

readmore-logoRead More

Logo Button

This is a full button with a darker style and the Visionary logo attached to the left and will have the “Read More” text on top:


Border Button

The border button is a gradient dark background with a white border and an outer border:


Light Button

This is a lighter coloured button with white and light grey gradient with an outer beveled style:


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