Setting up your blog and related sections like Archives and Category layout will be totally up to your decision. Please keep in mind that deciding whether to use a left column, right, inset with right column, will depend on posts that you create with images.

Working with images is up to you, but my best recommendation is to use the image sizing that fills the full width of the post intros…an example is like this:


The above sample is a blog layout (default layout) where the mainbody content is to the left and the right column to the right. The image is full width of the post intro which is 640 pixels wide. If you had several posts with images like this, then you decide to change the layout to include the inset column as well, that image of 640 pixels will not fit in the reduced post mainbody area because the inset column needs 180 pixels. The same will apply if you keep the layout like the sample screenshot above, but you have a category or archive layout with different layouts, your images will not fit in those because they are coded to display the thumbnails as well.

Decide what your layout will be for all three: the blog, your category pages, and your archive pages

You do not have to have the same layout for each if you use different image sizes, but this primarily applies to full width photos in your intros. If you decide to use random sizes of photos, you can go as wide as 400 pixels which will work on any of the blog layouts:

  1. Mainbody content + Right Column
  2. Left Column + Mainbody content
  3. Mainbody content + Inset + Right Column

Choosing Your Settings

You have three options laid out within the theme settings for Zen:


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