With most template developers, they usually have the logo and logo tagline added to the site as an image. The Evening Shade template is different because it lets you have the site title and your tagline to be text and not only that, the title is an H1 tag and the tagline is an H2 tag which is great for search engine optimization.

Add Your Tagline to your Page Logo Area

  1. Go to your Module Manager and click NEW and then select the Custom HTML module choice
  2. Set your title and other parameters…quick note, the Title of this module will be set to Not Show. Publish this module to the “Tagline” position.
  3. In the editor, simply type your tagline without any formatting applied to it as you don’t need it because this already has css applied to it when you publish it.

This method of adding a tagline to your logo area is a lot better because you don’t have to open up the actual template file, and this method lets you update it any time you want.

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