The Evening Shade theme has a couple page templates in addition to the default “Full width” opion.

  1. Default Template: this is the default page layout having full width without any side columns
  2. Page-RightColumn: this is a page layout with a right column

Choosing which one to use will be dependent on your site or blog but does give you the choice of either or even a combination of both throughout your website.

Choosing the Right Column Template

  1. Create a new page – or edit an existing page
  2. In the lower right column in the page admin area, select the Page with Right Column option:
  3. Save your new page

If you decide you want the other template with the new Inset column, you would then select that option which will give you a page with the main content, followed by the Inset (180px wide), and then the Right column (280px wide).

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