Common with most websites, footer menus are best suited for navigation to pages like Terms & Conditions, Contact, Privacy, etc.

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Top menu of your admin, go to Menus >> Menu Manager >> and click NEW
  3. Fill in the following information (see example below) in the fields:
    1. Unique Name = footermenu **lowercase and no spaces
    2. Title = Footer Menu
    3. Description = My menu for the footer
    4. Module Title = Footer Menu
  4. Click SAVE
  5. You can now start adding menu items to this menu by clicking on the icon under the column titled “Menu Items” from the window you are probably now looking at after clicking SAVE. Remember that you should have pages and other things to link to already before you can make a menu item.
  6. Top Menu of your admin, go to Extensions >> Module Manager >> and open the “Footer Menu” module.
  7. Show title = No, publish this module to the “footer” module position, and then assign this module to all menu items that you want, but generally for footer menus, you can set it to “all”.
  8. Click SAVE and view it on the front of your site
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