Not everyone may need this but the Zen Theme has a precoded footer menu that is ready to go once you enable it from the settings control panel and make a menu for it. When done, your menu will look like this:


Your own menu may not be the exact as above because each individual will have their own. The Footer menu has a hover effect, including an active state.

Create Your Footer Menu

  1. Go to your Zen Theme settings and click on the Miscellaneous Settings panel
  2. Choose Enable or Disable for the Footer Menu option (by default, it’s disabled)
  3. Go to your WP Menu manager within the admin and add a “NEW” menu by clicking on the + tab
  4. Name your menu anything you want but I generally name it as: footermenu
  5. Click Save
  6. In the left column area of the menu manager, the Menu Locations panel needs updating as well. On the drop down for the “Footer Menu”, select the menu you just made and then click SAVE.
  7. Begin adding your menu links
  8. Click Save Menu

For more Menu Information on settting up, you can refer to the other setup tutorial for the Main Menu of the Zen Theme.

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