If you want to add a footer menu in your new website using the Prestige template, this is very easy if you are familiar with steps to create new menus in Joomla! But for anyone who is still learning, I will provide you with the basics here, followed with a little more detail after…

  1. Create a new menu
  2. Add your menu items
  3. Go to your module manager and publish the module for your menu to the footer position
  4. Save

Make a Menu

First step is to make a new menu by going to your Menu Manager – this will do two things, creates a new menu but it also creates a menu module for this menu. Click NEW and you will be presented with a window that looks like this:


Enter in the details, but if you are not sure what to add, I did another screenshot, plus you can mouse over the admin area there and it will have popup info.


After you click Save, you will get another screen which you see below but it allows you to begin adding new menu items (links) to your new menu by clicking on that little icon to the right side under the column heading of “Menu Items“.


You will have to understand a little more about the different types of menu item types you can create at this stage and can be a bit overwhelming but once you get used to it, you will discover just how powerful this menu system really is.

Publish Your Footer Menu

After you have a few menu items in your new footer menu, go to your Module Manager (go to: Extensions >> Module Manager) where you should see that Menu Module that automatically gets created in the first step you did – in this case, if you named it as “Footer Menu” then you will see a module titled the same. Open this up and you will be presented with lots of settings but I won’t go into every single one, but this is what you will be doing:

  1. Select the position as “footer
  2. Select Menu Assignment as “All
  3. Select Enabled as “Yes
  4. Click Save

Your footer menu should now be seen in the footer area on the front of your website.

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