Just as it’s done like the previous setup tutorial for the Footer Menu, the Top Menu is similar, except it goes in a different area of the page. The WP 3.0 menu system works wonders compared to the previous version of Evening Shade which meant you had to do this manually and type in your own html code.

The Top Menu

The top menu for Evening Shade no longer has little icons to represent the items that it once had because this created a limitation as to what you want to put there, so they were removed and now you can add any menu items to this area that best benefits your own web site. The location of this menu is in the upper right corner of the page:


Before you set this menu up, decide what you want to put here…of course, you don’t have to use this menu either.

  1. First thing you need to do is to enable the menu because by default it’s set to Disable. Go to the theme settings and click on the Miscellaneous Settings dropdown panel and select the Top Menu to be Enabled and then click Save Changes:
  2. Go to your WP admin’s Menu Manager and create a new menu called “topmenu
  3. Add your menu items you want on this menu
  4. Click SAVE
  5. On the left column area of the menu manager, under the “Your Top Menu (or Your Corner Menu” option, choose the “topmenu” that you just made:
  6. Click SAVE
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