Pixel Linear comes with a default logo which you can change up from a couple places:

  • Direct from the template.css file for the #defaultlogo and #logo
  • Going to your template settings within the admin and adding the path to your logo in the field setting.

Changing Your Logo from the CSS

This is simple to do because all you need to do is name your logo image as “logo.png” (notice the png format) and then upload it to your template’s image folder. However, if your logo is a different format or you need to make some adjustments to the dimensions for the logo area of the page, you will need to open the template’s template.css file which is located in:

templates >> pixellinear >> css >> template.css

The code you will be looking for looks like this:

/* Secondary wrappers */
#defaultlogo, #logo {height:55px; width:144px; background:transparent url('../images/logo.png') no-repeat; float:left;}

Simply change the file logo.png to whatever format you are using and if you need to adjust the dimensions, you can do it on the line above as well.

Changing Your Logo from the Template Settings

  1. Easy to do as well…go to your Joomla admin >> Extensions >> Template Manager >> click on the “pixellinear” template name
  2. Enable Your Own Logo setting (see the screenshot below)
  3. Enter the full URL to your logo (make sure you have this uploaded somewhere…usually to your /wp-content/uploads/ location using Media Manager
  4. Add a Logo ALT description
  5. Click SAVE

Logo Settings:


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