With Glowing Amber Pro, you can use the default text title which uses the name of your “Blog Title” which is set in the Settings >> General area of your admin. Right now the title is styled from the style sheet which you can edit if you want a different font or colour. I left the Blog Description out of this theme because for the benefits of search engine optimization with Google, you should take advantage of the “Top Caption” widget position to have a different keyworded caption or other description for each section of your site.

To Use a Logo Instead

Some may prefer using a logo instead of the default text style of title, so I have coded this in the header.php file if you decide to have a logo. You have to do a bit of file editing but it’s actually quite easy and for most who have the basics of HTML, this should take you a minite or two.

Open the header.php file and look for this code, which may be on one line or two:

<div id="title"><h1>  
<?php // if (!function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('Logo')) : ?><?php // endif; ?></h1></div>

The orange coloured code is the part that will put your logo in this location by using a text widget in the Logo widget position. However, it’s commented out which means it’s not being used at this time but the other part is and is what does the “text” version of your site title (the blue part). What we want to do is simply remove the two sets of orange // from the two areas you see in the code above and then you will want to add two // in front of the “bloginfo” part so that the whole line of code now looks like this:

<div id="title"><h1><?php // bloginfo('name'); ?> 
<? php if (!function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('Logo')) : ?><?php endif; ?></h1></div>
Notice that the first part is now “commented out” with the two foward slashes? The other option is to simply remove the first part if you don’t plan to use the title option after this:
<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

Now you should be able to upload your logo to your Media library and load your logo into a text widget and publish it to the Logo widget position. However, you may want to remove the transparent darker background bar that shows which is what the title was sitting in and on top of at the start:

titlebarTo remove this darker transparent background bar, open the style.css file and look for the #titlewrapper and remove the background image attribute. You may have to adjust the size of your logo image to fit in this top area so it doesn’t affect other design elements. The code you want to remove is:

background:transparent url(‘images/title-bg.png’) no-repeat;

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