The Visionary comes with a logo option which you can use the default logo and have your site title display as text, or you can opt in for a full image based logo.

The Default Logo

The default logo for Visionary is actually in two parts:

  1. an image graphic
  2. and a title done in pure text – actually displayed in a H1 tag with the title site caption with an H2 tag

Everyone will have their own choice for a site logo and will come in a variety of sizes and styles. Unfortunately it’s impossible to  create a container in a template for “everyone” so you may have to do some adjustments to css or to the core template code.

However, for the default logo, you can use your very own image to replace the current one which contains the three small coloured boxes:


To change the graphic part, you will need to know a few specifics regarding the existing one:

  • Size: 43 x 42 pixels
  • Positioned: the graphic is positioned from the core template index.php file
  • The graphic is located in the template’s “image” folder and titled as: logo.png
  • The graphic is also a transparent logo so that if you change the colour background, the logo will sit nicely on top, showing the new colour background through it.

If you replace the existing image with your own, you would replace the logo.png with your own. The title of the site will be the site title you create when you installed Joomla. The title can be found in the Global Configuration:


And then the settings for this will be on the “Site” tab:


The slogan below the site title (on the front-end of your site) which the live demo site shows as “Prestige Living in Style“, is done from the template logo settings: Logo Caption


Using a Custom Full Logo of Your Own

You have the choice to use your own logo without the default title option.

  1. Go to the Visionary template settings and find the logo settings. If it shows the params.ini is unwritable, you will need to change the permissions so that it is writable; usually 777, but if you do this, make sure you change it back to the 644 (most likely set to this) for security reasons. Each host sets up their accounts with their own preferences so it might be different for yours. If you are unsure what or how permissions are set, there is plenty of tutorials and info on Google and within the forums.
  2. Select “Use Your Own Logo” option as “Enabled”
  3. In the Logo URL field, add the full link to your logo image, like this:
  4. In the Logo ALT field, add a description for your logo
  5. Leave the Logo Caption empty
  6. Click SAVE

When you do your title, it’s important to keep it simplified because there is only a certain amount of available space for this logo and title in the Visionary template. The main menu sits directly to the right of it which also requires space, therefore you cannot have a site title and logo that is too wide. Right now the default space available is 280 pixels in width.

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