I did not make the logo as the default WordPress text based title, but used a logo image instead because for most people, many will have a logo. However, if you decide you want to do a text only title for your website blog, you can always code that in, but for sake of this setup tutorial, I won’t add that here.

Aside from the logo, you will notice with the online demo website for the Pixel Media Blogger theme has a small slogan or description just below the title of the site.  This is dynamically inserted and is actually the blog description from the admin area of your WordPress site so you can change this from the admin area to whatever you want and it will show up in this location.

NOTE: when you are designing your logo for your blog, make sure you take an account the theme that you’re using so that you know what size of logo to create or to modify an existing one so that it will fit nicely within a specified logo area.

To setup your logo, we’ll need to upload your logo image to your media library which you will also need to copy link or pathway for that image that you see right after you upload logo.  Once you have done this, you now go to your widgets manager and drag a text widget to the logo position.  This is where you need to know some HTML because to get your logo to display or any image within a text widget, you need to have some knowledge of how to code this in.  But if you are unsure how to do this, this is the line of code that you would do but just simply changed the link path to the one that you just copied when you uploaded your logo:

<img src="yourimagepath" alt="describe your image here" width="100" height="100" />

This is what you need to do with a line of code that you see above:

  1. Change “yourimagepath” with the image path of your logo that you just copied
  2. Where you see ” describe your image here” is called and Alt tag which is where you would enter a small description of your image using keywords
  3. It’s also a good idea to add the width and height of your logo because some browsers may not display your image correctly and it also becomes good HTML skill development
  4. After you’ve done the above, you can now click save on your widget and view your new logo on the front of your site.

You may need to make some adjustments to your logo such as sizing or positioning but specifically for positioning, you will need to edit the logo styles for this theme from the style.css file.

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