With the new Evening Shade theme, you now get to take advantage of the WP 3.0 menu system because the theme now has predefined areas for menus – should you decide to use them.

The Footer Menu

The footer menu will be displayed just above the copyright notice in the footer area of your pages:


  1. First, you need to Enable the footer menu to show because by default, it’s disabled. Go to your theme settings Miscellaneous dropdown panel and choose to enable it. Click Save Changes:
  2. Then you need to go to your Menu Manager and make a new menu with the name: footermenu
  3. Add your menu items you want on this menu
  4. Click SAVE
  5. On the left side column of the Menu Manager, select the footermenu as your menu for the “Your Footer Menu” option:
  6. Click SAVE and you should now see your footer menu
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