Introduction to Link Building

Getting your website to rank higher is not an easy task. And, we all agree that the success of any website depends upon how it ranks on the SERPs. Getting a higher place for your website on the SERPs requires many efforts: white hat SEO techniques, social presence, organic reach, visual appeal, and, last but not least, the magic of link building.

For the people who are unaware of the reasons as to why link building is important: it refers to seeking linkbacks to our website so that more traffic diverts to it and, as a result, Google ranking improves. When external pages link to different pages on your website, the end-result is a boost in search engine optimization.

Thus, building a strong and effective link building strategy for the year 2018 is a must. So, when you make a blog or a new website, it is important to make sure that it receives quality linkbacks. That would make your digital property appears authentic to your audience.

So, in this blog post, we are here to tell you about the top link building predictions that might take the market by storm in 2018. You must definitely give implement these on your website some thought. For more tips and guidance on link building and improving your online brand, the Scepter Marketing white label WordPress designers can assist you.

Top Link Building Predictions

Good Content Still Counts

top link building predictions

No matter what, you will have to produce good content in order to receive quality backlinks. People will share your pages or add links to your website on their pages only if your content is:

  • crisp
  • original
  • impressive
  • relevant.

No matter how much effort you put into your search engine optimization endeavors, if you have crappy content – you will fail.

So, buckle up and only write what the readers actually want to read. Offer solutions and be the king of content to establish a quality link building relationship with other bloggers and websites.

Target Your Audience and Ditch Mass Outreach

We often just announce our site updates to the world. This might be a genuinely innocent mistake to make, but it has short-term effects. We forget that there is only a section of the internet audience that wants to know about us or the services that we offer. We just vaguely put in the effort without pondering over the target audience.

What if we tell you that you should put in the same amount of effort for only the interested section of your audience. All you need to do is look for relevant and scour quality forums, groups or communities where you will be able to find your organic audience. This way, you will be able to establish link building and also gain a solid number of regular followers.

List, List and List


The human mind works in a manner that means that we like things in order. Though videos and infographics are trending, in most cases, presenting good content means presenting it as a listicle. It appears sorted and has a sequential order, making it attractive to follow and hence, websites will want to link to that information.

Manual Building & Not Automation

We all want to see our brands grow and have a great line of trusting customers. Since the competition is fierce and will be even more on fire in the future, it’s imperative for us to put in extra effort that really shows results.

Make sure that you start building links in a manual manner, rather than through automation. Automated link building is bad, just bad. It comes under black hat SEO techniques and will be under scrutiny only to destroy your SEO efforts. It is important that you interact with other bloggers in real time and, when you do so, you actually build a relationship. This is the only way to gain credible backlinks for your link building.

Link Baiting will Not Die (at Least Not In 2018)

As per some earlier speculation, the trend of link baiting should have died by now. But the tables have turned. So, if you still design and plan your content in a tempting manner so that others are bound to link to it — congratulations! You have it sorted. Link baiting refers to the same. Your quality content will attract links and voila! You gain links. So, keep it on.

Bring out Research Reports and Case Studies

If your website has a good online reputation, people will trust whatever you write – but it must be authentic, of course. So, pick up this habit of publishing research reports and mentioning case studies that are relevant to your sector along with the end results. This way, similar websites will want to fetch that information on their pages, providing you with the linkbacks you require. This will give you the necessary exposure to target an audience and build your reputation.

Guest Posts

As per Google, link exchange or link selling comes under Black Hat SEO Techniques. You should avoid doing either. Then what should one do to build backlinks? Well, guest posting is the answer to your question.

If you do it the right way, guest posting can help you build quality backlinks for your blog or site. For this, you need to find relevant and quality sites that accept guest posts and then you can approach them for publishing content. Make sure, your pitch doesn’t sound like begging for links.

Link Building Summary

Even in 2017, you can charm your website audience with the help of quality link building. Just craft specific strategic link building steps in order to build up your backlink profile. After you are done, choose the right distribution channels to increase constant engagement on your website. Your website will become credible and impactful only when visitors find other websites linking to it. Once you achieve willful audience, rest of the things will start falling into the right slots.

Make sure that you don’t just build links for SEO purposes. It is important to create a purposeful relationship with the sites that are linking to you. The simple explanation that we can offer for this is that the better value you provide to them, the better they will populate your content.

Also, link building is a mutual, ‘give and take’, relationship. So, do not forget to provide links to their own pages in your featured content. Though this could be a time-consuming task, it would truly create a valuable work relationship between you and your partner and competitor websites.

Just remember that the key to achieving great rankings is a sum total of original and awesome content coupled with inbound links from other websites. So, start building links to compliment your search engine optimization efforts and gain exceptional search rankings.

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