The newly redesigned and redeveloped Evening Shade theme now has it’s own control panel to help you setup your web site or blog. You can gain access by logging into your WordPress admin area and on the mid-level of the left menu panels, you will see one for Evening Shade.


Click on “Theme Options” and you will see a full control panel with a drop down accordion style group:


Each panel gives you a set of parameters you can keep as-is or you can change them.

Current Parameters

  • Disable/Enable the default logo set
  • Logo Image URL
  • Logo ALT
  • Blog Inset Column – you can enable or disable this feature in your blog
  • Home Page Showcase – Widget Showcase or the Content Slider option (you need to install your choice of slideshow or slider plugins)
  • Showcase background colour
  • Disable/Enable the Top Menu
  • Disable/Enable the Footer Menu
  • Copyright Information
  • Google Analytics

When you save any setting, you will get a notification at the top of the control panel like this:


If you decide to reset all of your settings in the control panel, you will then get this notification:


IMPORTANT: When you reset your theme, this is a global change so if you click Reset, every setting you did in the control panel for Evening Shade will revert back to the default settings.

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