Snapchat- The app designed to capture moments in small clips is now becoming a great tool to generate revenues for businesses. Like other social media platforms, it contributes to promoting various niche by engaging target audience with appealing features, and innovatively-created snap stories. Due to its clunky interface, it’s quite challenging to use snapchat for business promotion. However, many marketers are using it and have received many potential results as well. Amazingly, this app has proved beneficial for the vancouver citation generator websites due to a large number of student users. Like this and other niches whose target customers are among the snapchat users can produce exceptional outcomes through the platform as per the statistics; it reflects tons of opportunities for marketers:

  • Snapchat entertains around 200 million users out of which 100 million are daily active users.
  • Snapchat has greater percentage of users as compared with Twitter
  • Around 76% users are online shoppers

These stats highlight how much capable the platform could be for the business owners. Knowing the fact that it’s pretty difficult to utilize. Here are some good guidelines to help you make the most out of Snapchat for your business. Keep reading!

Snapchat Marketing: Amazing Features

Snapchat is full of many different features, setting options that you can use, and types of posts that can be used to create maximum impacts on viewers. To run a successful Snapchat marketing campaign you can utilize the below-mentioned features.

Types of content that you can share via snap stories include:

Images: click images from your camera and upload them after editing with catchy titles. It allows portraits formats for images.

Videos: Snapchat is famous for its small video clips. On simple stories, you can interact with your customers and give the interesting details about your work and products.  In addition, the videos can be edited much similar to images.

Send Snaps: To keep your audience connected by sending updates of their orders via compelling snaps on Snapchats. Snaps are messages, which may contain images or videos.

Stories: You have to unleash your creative side out to amuse your viewers via Snapchat stories. Edit your stories, mix it with some theme song, or keep them updated as per the ongoing trends or traditions. Try something different and unique every time to entertain your Snapchat viewers. Stories are the most fun-filled way of educating target audience about your brand and its values while keeping them close to the organization.

Expert Editing Tools

Filters, editing tools like brush and Emoji’s are some of the most famous and loved features of Snapchat. Every other user are seen creating compelling stories using them. You can also utilize them in the most creative manner for delivering your message across. With a paintbrush, you can edit pages and even write some text using the text-add-ins.

Some Super Strategies to Generate Instant Response

As you know that Snapchat is way different than any other social media marketing platform, therefore its campaign is designed using some unique tactics. Here is a list of some tried and tested strategies for generating instant responses. Take a look:

Offer Coupon Codes

For online stores, you can use Snapchat for generating traffic on your site. Offer discount coupons through your stories and engage potential leads. Connect with Influencer

Connect with an Influencer:

One of the wisest manners of increasing your followers is by connecting with an influencer. See which celebrity or show is creating buzz get connected with him, update the happening of that show on your stories and enjoy an ever-increasing list of followers.

Create Urgency

People are quite sluggish these days. They need to get poked and pushed to make any action. By creating urgency on your stories, you can urge your viewers to act before it is gone.

Text Content in a Private Message

To those viewers who regularly follow your stories you can send content via snaps to motivate and engage them. Such a personalized gesture can help you convert many potential leads into prospective customers.

Fit Your Content

Where Instagram and Facebook have been the sites for transparency, Snapchat has taken that transparency to an incredibly different level. On Snapchat, you can make glossy, edited and interesting images taken with your smartphone camera and uploaded instantly. Snap stories have become so famous that many social media giants like Facebook and Instagram have introduced it on their platforms as well.

Track Results of Your Content on Snapchat

Though you cannot use in-platform analytics tools on Snapchat there are some ways you can track the progress of your stories and post on Snapchat as well.

Check out the few metrics that you can track:

  • Who is viewed a snap
  • Who is engaged to you via snaps
  • Who responded to your story or snap

To check the effectiveness of your snap you can divide the number of total snaps uploaded with the total of snaps viewed. It will provide you with the snap opening rate. Plus, you can personally check the viewer’s list, there is an option available on the app that can help you access the list.


To Wrap Up

Snapchat is a platform for optimum ability and opportunities. Where it can be utilized to generate great outcomes, it also builds trust and creates a strong connection with customers with the organization. It provides an authentic, unique, and interesting way to promote your brand. In addition, it has less competition that gives room for more experiments.

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