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Project Description

Grace Explorations


Grace Explorations


The Project

Being a brand new church plant, AWAKEN had no brand and no digital marketing at all. They were excited to launch their organization, and they knew that a part of doing so was having a website that communicated who they were, why they existed, and how they were different.

AWAKEN Church is authentic place, and as such, they wanted to a website that showcase that authenticity. Video was the perfect medium to do that, so we coordinated with a local video producer to create several videos to use on their website and on Facebook.

The website that was built for AWAKEN is not flashy. In fact, their brand dictated that it should not be flashy at all. Therefore, the design is minimal and to the point so that both church goers and potential visitors alike can find out information about AWAKEN quickly and easily.

  • Branding / Identity

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Video