The Pixel Linear theme comes with HTML page documentation which is included in your theme download. You can find it with the following link by replacing the “” with your own site. 
Note: I would recommend you go to that location and bookmark at least that page because it links to several pages within the documenation folder.

Files within this location are:

  1. readme.html
  2. shortcodes-columns.html
  3. shortcodes-group1.html
  4. shortcodes-group2.html
  5. shortcodes-group3.html
  6. shortcodes-typography.html
  7. CHANGELOG.txt
  8. license.html

It’s not stylish like an online PDF book but it gives you the basics of how to use Shortcodes within your theme. The rest of the theme’s setup and other tutorials can be found here at Pixel Theme Studio, and of course, the online demo website will also provide some information.

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