The Visionary theme now has a new control panel to make management of your site’s theme style go smoother with more features built-in. This is brand new for this new version of Visionary and will be part of a standardization of future themes.

Accessing the theme settings control panel can be done by logging into your WordPress admin and just below the “Comments” side panel, you will see a new option for the Visionary theme – you can also see the logo icon for it next to the title:


New Functionality and Style

Based on a tutorial for creating theme control panels, this one offers accordion style panels that when clicked, they drop down to display settings associated with that particular panel section. I’ve done a few style tweaks to give it a more visual pleasing appearance.


When saving any settings, you also get a nice enhancement to acknowledge it was successful:


Of course, there is also one for “Reset” if you decide to reset your theme settings back to the default values:


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