The idea of creating a successful eCommerce website can be frightening, even for professional business leaders and WordPress users. They find obstacles in maintaining the balance between the design, functionality, speed and security of their sites – no sure about which one should get priority.

However, with the help of valuable e-Commerce tips, you will be able to boost the sales, productivity, conversion rate and revenue of your online business with ease. These can also help make the entire process less grueling and also increase the chances of your success.

So, in this blog post, I’ve decided to share the 10 most promising tips that will take your WordPress-powered online business to the higher level.

1. Create SEO-friendly names and titles


If you want your online store to rank higher on search engines, such as Google, you need to create SEO-optimized names and titles for your eCommerce site.

Fortunately, WordPress offers number of SEO tools and plugins such as Yoast SEO that will let you add SEO-friendly keywords for each and every product. The plugin automatically optimizes the content of your online store for different search engines.

All you need to do is to download, install and activate the plugin whenever you want to edit the names and titles of your digital or physical products.

2. Add high-quality images

Beautiful and entrancing images can quickly fetch the attention of your web visitors and customers. But make sure you add the high-quality images to your site.

Add those images that can be zoomed from different angles, without affecting their actual quality. Also, ensure that you display genuine images of your products. Don’t cheat your web customers by showing them wrong images.

3. Use an SSL to provide secure shopping experience

An online store owner, you should provide a safe and secure shopping experience to your potential web customers. Enable your potential customers to feel secure, and to know that their data is safe in their hands.

With the use of SSL certificates, you can protect the online payment processing of your site, and provide your customers a safe environment.

It creates the secure link that connects the server and the customer’s browser and displays the URL as https://. It also shows a green lock symbol to confirm that a website is completely secure.

You can easily implement the SSLs either by using WPEngine or Bluehost, offering paid add-ons for secured checkout.

4. Comprehensive descriptions

Convert your potential visitors into web customers by representing your products in an engaging style. For this, you have to create short, engaging, yet informative product descriptions that can make them more compelling. Also, make sure that you write relevant description that can instantly embrace the features of your products.

5. User-friendly checkouts


Most of the reputed online stores create a simple and intuitive checkout page, which makes their business a successful one.

Checkout is the most imperative aspect of your online store, so make sure you don’t add anything that can create complications for your web customers –as this may lead to frustration and they could leave your site before buying your product.

6. Make a use of persistent shopping carts

As web customers, we sometimes put the selected product(s) in the shopping carts so that we can buy them later whenever we want.

So, an online store owner should keep the contents of their cart unchanged – don’t make any modifications until they come back. These carts are known as persistent shopping carts. They are used to entice users to buy the products they want. This trick can boost the conversion rate as well as sales of your site.

7. Use social media platforms


Promote your products on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pi-interest, Instagram, etc to engage more visitors.

You can do this by embedding social sharing buttons on your product pages, without any coding skills. WordPress offers a ton of social media plugins and themes that will integrate a wide list of social sharing icons to your site in minutes.

8. Performance optimization


The speed of an online store is vital for success. A two-second delay in loading a web page could reduce the conversions. But the good news is that there are multiple ways that can boost the loading time of your store instantly.

There are various options, such as compression of JS and CSS files, image optimization, use of caching plugin, selection of reliable hosting provider, user of CDN services and a lot more that can boost the performance of your store with ease.

9. Mobile-ready design

Create an eCommerce site that can run smoothly on different mobile devices and screen sizes. New-age of phones and tablets has become a vital part of our lives.

By making a mobile-friendly e-store, you can allow the mobile visitors to buy your products with ease. This can increase the flow of organic traffic on your site and also improve the sales.

10. Email marketing technique


Email marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your eCommerce site. You just need to maintain a healthy contact list and always try to add new subscribers to generate more leads.

In short, making a list from the starting of your business can help you get more and more web traffic to your way.



These tips will help you generate more quality leads for your online store. You just need to keenly follow these steps, and encourage customers to buy your products on a regular basis.

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