The Pixel Linear theme gives users a multitude of settings to help make each web site unique in one way or another by letting you customize and to turn things on or off.

Here is an outline of the current settings made available from the Pixel Linear theme control panel, but first, you need to know where they are…


  1. Log into your WordPress admin
  2. Go to Appearance >> Theme Settings

You should see a full page of settings all sectioned based on their specific groups:


As you can see by the screenshot, it has a lot in it. The values you see in the fields above are going to be filled in with a “default” setting which upon installation of your theme, most if not all of these will be either on, off, or have the colours shown (in Hexadecimal values). Obviously you can change them to your liking but the idea of this setup is to give you the option to choose what you want.

For colours, you can use almost any kind of colour you want and get almost an unlimited range of colour combinations for the front of your web site or blog. I prefer this method because it lets you decide what you want rather than have theme designers and developers pre-define colour palettes or theme styles. Eventually the goal is to make all themes as flexible as possible.

IMPORTANT: When you scroll to the bottom of the Control Panel for the Pixel Linear theme settings, you will see a RESET button. CAREFULL with this because if you click that, all your settings from before will be GONE! This is really meant if you want to start from scratch.
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