video-tutorialsComing soon to a Theatre website near you! Yes, movie tutorials are coming soon to Pixel Theme Studio which will definitely give members a much better way to learn how to setup themes and perhaps learn how to create their own design. Reading content works and seeing a static screenshot helps but in many situations, it’s just better to offer a visual enhancement with movie tutorials to show how something is done. You can sit back and watch it over and over while you watch and listen as I go through each step.

So when are they Coming?

Soon! Ok, maybe not in a sense of tomorrow or next week, but will try to begin adding movie tutorials for January, if not for December (which I will try). The software I will be using does have some learning curve but once I get comfortable with it, members of PTS will be able to begin viewing how to setup my themes and anything else relating to them that will help you out. It’ll take a bit of time to start building up a video library but they will be focused on all new themes I develop into 2011.

Stay Tuned!

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