new-visionaryI know many have been asking, “are we there yet?” “is it done yet?” “how long before you release it?” Valid questions because what was supposed to have been a simple 1-week project to enhance just a few things in the Visionary theme from 2009, turned into almost 3 weeks because I kept adding more and more features to it. I can happyily say that it’s finally available for download but there are a few things you should know about if you are using the older 2009 version of Visionary…

New Structure and Design Style

The new Visionary theme does have a completely redeveloped core, as well, you will notice from the demo site that it definitely looks different. Actually, it’s almost similar to the original but I made a few adjustments to the layout while still maintaining about 80% of the original.

I did not go for a complete change, so I kept  the theme simple and didn’t go crazy with adding pre-installed demo content, sliders, galleries, thumbnail widgets, etc, etc. Nor did I do a big fancy eye-candy demo site.  I will save this for my upcoming themes. The idea here was to keep it simple and clean without changing too much of what it was.

The biggest change is that the new Visionary now has a control panel with a ton of setup and customization options for the user to modify their site to their own liking. You can change almost every colour aspect of the theme, from links to backgrounds, to even changing the type of “Read More” buttons.

For Current Users of the Visionary

I strongly recommend you do NOT just replace the old one with the new one because again, it does have some layout changes. I suggest you create a development site for your switch-up if you decide to upgrade to the version 2.0 because of the amount of changes made…in fact, it’s almost a new theme with what was done.

So on that note, create a sub-directory or sub-domain on your host, install another instance of WordPress, install the theme, and explore what is new.

From the Old to the New

Here is a quick screenshot of the two side by side…the first being the original 2009 version. To read more about the new Visionary, Check out the Visionary Page:


What About us Joomla Users?

Not to fear, I have plans for a Visionary Joomla version…so it’s coming! I will keep you informed when this one is coming.

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