What is the difference between “Single Download Purchases” and the “Theme Club”?2017-09-14T14:18:24+00:00

Single download purchases are for users who want to download a single theme only. Our theme club is for those who want to have access to all of our themes for a reduced rate. Both account types come with a year of support.

How do I access Support?2017-09-14T14:18:31+00:00

Support is provided via email on our contact page here. Please provide your username along with your website URL and a clear description of your issue.

What does “Support” cover with my membership?2017-09-14T14:18:47+00:00

Basically support covers any problems you encounter with our themes during installation, setup, or if you need to know where or how to change something within the theme. Basically anything that is related to the theme. Support does NOT cover customization problems you encounter after you made changes or modifications performed by a third party source. While we strive to provide our themes according to WordPress’s best practices, we cannot and do not guarantee that our themes will be compatible with all plugins, extensions, and other third party products. If you are having issues with a plugin or extension, please contact the plugin author.

Do Your Themes Come With Support?2017-09-14T14:18:56+00:00

When you sign up for our theme club or purchase an individual theme at Pixel Theme Studio, you get access to direct email support for any theme issues you may encounter for 1 year from the purchase of your theme or club membership.

Are Your Themes 100% GPL?2017-09-14T14:19:06+00:00

Yes. Our WordPress themes and plugins are released under the GNU Public License version 2.0 or 3.0. Any .PSD files are packaged separately and are not licensed under the GPL 3.0. Instead, these files inherit the Pixel Theme Studio Personal Use License. These files are given to all Customers on a personal use basis. You may not offer them, modified or unmodified, for redistribution or resale of any kind.

Do Your Themes Work With All Plugins and Extensions?2017-09-14T14:19:14+00:00

This cannot be guaranteed because there are 1000’s of options available. Generally you should be fine but make sure you read the minimum requirements for any plugin you download and to read their descriptions. Because these are third party products, this will be totally dependent on the developers to ensure their plugins work on WordPress and should provide support if you need it. One thing you can do is test the plugin, extension, or script on a test development site location to see how it performs. If it does well, then you can move it to the live site…MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR SITE FIRST.

If I Purchase a “Single Theme” Download Instead of a Membership, Does it Include Updates?2017-09-14T14:19:24+00:00

Unfortunately no. There is no method to access updated files or themes without logging into the site; you will need a membership, which is why memberships have that added benefit. If you want an updated version, you will need to purchase the new one, which is still a competitive priced product, or you can sign-up with a membership by contacting us and gain access to all themes and updates (and support).

Will Your Themes Work With the Latest Version of WordPress?2017-09-14T14:19:33+00:00

Yes, all of our themes are compatible with WP 4.0+

Are Your Themes Easy to Customize?2017-09-14T14:19:42+00:00

Depending on the theme you choose, some may be a lot easier than others. Nearly all of our themes have theme options built into them, though our more modern themes also have Visual Composer built in which has a nice drag-and-drop interface to help you customize your pages very easily!

Is the Sample Content Included That I Saw on the Demo Site?2017-09-14T14:19:51+00:00

No, we do not offer demo content for any of our themes at this time though for our newer themes we hope to do so in the future.

Can I Hire You to Build a Custom Theme or Make Custom Changes?2017-09-14T14:32:32+00:00

Yes. If you want the theme to be unique so that we do not sell it to others, we can do this for you starting at $5000 USD, though the final price will depend on which features / functions you want to have in it. If you are willing to let us sell the theme to others, we can usually work with you at a significantly lower price.

We can also make custom changes to any of our themes for you. Please contact us via our contact form for a quote.

How Many Times Can I Use a Theme?2017-09-14T14:20:10+00:00

WordPress themes at Pixel Theme Studio are GNU/GPL licensed which means you can use them as often as you want. There are no restrictions, unlike other theme providers which do apply certain limitations.