new-pts-siteSomething looked different when you arrived moments ago to this web site for anyone who’ve been here before…A complete different design for Pixel Theme Studio along with several other changes have and will still take place between now and December 31st. One obviously is the overall look and style of the site from what it was before. This was a big change and a lot of work but so far so good…feel free to let me know what you think of the new site style…

New Changes for PTS

Since the beginning, I’ve made a few changes, but nothing overly big, until now. As I mentioned, there will be some more coming through the rest of the year as I prepare for 2011 with yet another project in the works that is somewhat related to this site. But, for PTS, here is an outline of what has changed and why:

  1. New Site Design – A much needed design change was required so I can move PTS into a more blog-like concept and to give a fresh new look
  2. Updated Member Registration and Membership system – A couple features were added and now members will get up to a 25% discount when they renew their Personal and Personal PSD memberships
  3. Articles Stripped Out – I removed a lot of articles that were not really relevant and didn’t really solve things for anyone, so I took them out and cleaned up the blog categories
  4. FAQ’s Overhaul – I used to have several categories of FAQ’s spread over 100’s of pages – I’ve streamlined them down to a single page for each category of FAQ’s to make it easier with everything on one page
  5. Comments Added – I’ve added a new commenting system which now lets people subscribe to comments
  6. Social Networking – I’ve added a new social networking system into the site so now on select categories and articles, you can “Retweet” the article or let your Facebook friends know about the article by clicking the “Like” button.
  7. Affiliate Program – Although this will start up soon, I’ve decided to implement a way for anyone to make extra money by promoting Pixel Theme Studio while they earn up to 50% on each successful referral sign-up. I am still working on getting this setup so stay tuned for more details.
  8. Free Stuff – This is a new category for the blog which will provide you with free stuff like website graphics, themes, templates, and anything else that comes along.
  9. Twitter Updates – You can now keep up to date on my site with my own Twitter feed at the bottom of my site pages – or you can follow me on Twitter
  10. Blue Fractal Theme – The Blue Fractal theme has been discontinued to make way for newer concepts (see below for more theme information).
  11. Single Purchase Theme Price – The Introductory price of $10 is over (actually was extended a full month) and now just $15 each and still competitive to others charging $30 +

What is Yet to Come?

I already have some things planned but I will keep those quiet for the time being as I fine-tune the changes they represent. The affiliate program is one that is still coming so hopefully once that is setup, you can start making some extra cash on the side.The only other thing that I can mention here is that themes will be changing to a more blog style for WordPress users. As new theme releases happen, the older themes from 2009 will be slowly phased out or at the very least, redesigned for the WordPress 3.0 platform. Currently, Evening Shade and the Visionary are on the list to be redone completely as they are two of the most popular downloads from 2009.

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