Just as the Showcase styling was done, the Visionary template offers many colour options within the template settings to customize your website with almost an unlimited array of colour combinations. When you log into your site admin, go to the template settings:

Extensions >> Template manager >> Visionary

You will see a column of colour fields which should show the default colours for the Visionary template:


Each field will give you the colour representation along with the HEX colour value. When you click in any field, a popup colour selector will show which lets you move a little cross-hair mouse around the tones that you will see. As you move it around, you will notice the colour values will change until you find the colour you like, in which case you will click outside the selector to close it and to keep that value in the field.


When you’ve done all of your colour choices, simply click SAVE on the settings and your site will now have a new colour palette.

Changing Back to the Original Colours

If you decide you want to go back to the default colours, you can mouse over each element and a yellow popup will display the description, as well the default HEX colour value that you can type in the field.

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