Website design options have come a long way from the early days of HTML tables and Flash. While some have increased in complexity, the surge of mobile device access to the web has pushed minimalism to the forefront of quality site development.

The one-page website has become more popular due to its style, ease of use, and accessibility to all visitors. You can see this for yourself by the growing number of One Page WordPress Themes that are being released everyday.

What is a One Page Website?

This type of structure uses pageless design with all content immediately at hand when the site loads with no clicking necessary. They are ideal for single-product ecommerce, professional or freelance portfolios, event pages, and specific landing pages. The site visitor can see everything with just a simple scroll. There is never a need to create a separate mobile-only site version with the pageless design. They are naturally responsive.

Web Design Tips for One Page Sites

Keep it simple. The lure of a single page website is the minimal fuss and bother it takes to access the information contained within. While a large image or even video at the top is commonplace, the site should never be cluttered with animated this and brightly-colored that.

Make the structure and positioning of different elements make sense and have style. Any menu should only link to parts of the page instead of external sites. Make different sections apparent by changing background colors or textures.

Organize with the most vital information at the top and continue to the specific details near the bottom. Many page visitors may not get that far, but they still can find the information if they care to look. Always include a floating “Back to Top” button or one after each section.

Parallax Scrolling in Single Page Websites

Everyone has seen parallax scrolling on a website before. It is the unique, sometimes mesmerizing, and sometimes confusing way a page scrolls, so that content blocks seem to slide over one another instead of just moving off the screen straight away. Parallax techniques give the illusion of depth to the site.

As with any design elements, there is a time and a place for everything. Pages built for artistic professionals or unique events can get away with more creative characteristics. It has drawbacks from a design and usability standpoint too.

Mobile access will most likely not be able to see all the moving bits. It could load too slowly on older machines or browsers. It makes internal linking throughout the page more difficult if not impossible. Also, the effects may detract from the information or calls to action you want visitors to notice most of all.

Smooth Scrolling via Menu

You may have also noticed some Single Page WordPress Themes with smooth scrolling. What it means is, that when a user clicks on a menu item, the theme scrolls down to that section. This makes it really easy for the user to navigate, without wading through multiple pages and posts.

Using One Page Website Design in WordPress

All one-page design options work well when using the WordPress content management system (CMS). Instead of assigning a page to your blog posts, another static page to Home, and creating an extensive menu with even more page types, stick with the basics.

One page design in WordPress often involves one of their many stylish templates or themes. Designers work hard to create the latest looks with the most accessible and intuitive organizational structures. Using one makes the process of creating an up-to-date and impressive website that much easier. There are multiple pros and cons of one page WordPress themes – but they stand out to be a really good option.

Examples of One Page WordPress Themes

Urban Grill – Horizontal Scrolling One Page Theme

Urban Grill - create a stunning one page website

Newest amongst all, Urban Grill is a classic single page WordPress theme with horizontal scrolling suitable for all niches.

With 8 beautiful sections, you can showcase a company’s or agency’s services, features and products in a very appealing way. Static menu – can help users keep a focus on all the services you are providing. This theme comes up with the options to display featured posts, categories, contact information, etc.

BlueArcs – Single Page WordPress Theme For Business

BlueArcs - Single Page WordPress Theme For Business

BlueArcs is a creative multipurpose and effective theme specially created to help you showcase your work on a single page.

BlueArcs theme has 8 sections that will completely change the look of your one page website. Home, About, Testimonial, Project, Latest blog, Contact, Services and Footer – are the sections which are fully customizable. This theme comes with an interesting option, that it also has WordPress features like featuring a single post, creating a blog page, archive page, other pages, etc. – so it is flexible enough to be used as a multi-page WordPress theme.

One Page Business Pro – Smooth Scrolling One Page Theme

One Page Business Pro

One Page Business Pro is a single page WordPress theme specially designed keeping in mind your business needs. This is an elegant theme with complete sophistication and pleasing color combinations.

This can also be used as a Multipurpose One Page theme to engage with customers on your site without making them roam about on other pages. You can amazingly showcase your products using just a single page. The theme consists of  7 stunning sections – Home, About Us, Services, Team, Portfolio, Testimonial, and Contact wherein you can perfectly feature all your data. With impressive features like dynamic alignment, sliders,  portfolio section with modal effect, etc. One Page Business Pro is worth a try.

Minivet – SIngle Page Theme with Customizable Sections

Minivet - SIngle Page Theme with Customizable Sections

Minivet is CyberChimps’ one page WordPress theme with smooth scrolling & navigation and can suffice all the website needs of business, corporate or agencies.

This one page WordPress theme for business comes up with 5 sections – About, Services, Team, Contact, Portfolio. The sections can be enabled/disabled as per your requirement. Minivet’s homepage has an option to set full-width background image which gives it a stunning look. The sticky header ensures that your main links/menu items will always grab user’s attention even if he scrolls down.

In Summary on How to Create a Stunning One Page Website
So if you want to create a stunning one page website, consider going in for a one page design and create a simple yet sophisticated website, appealing to one and all. If you want help creating your website, then reach out to our partners!

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