One of the things you will have to decide on is to have a standard blog front page or a static front page. The online demo site for this theme is setup with a static front page which also uses a page for the blog (to load posts). Basically if you do not want your blog posts on the front page, then the static front page is the only option; I will go through both options here.

Standard Blog Front Page

Nothing really to do here except start posting. By default, WordPress installs with this method and starts with the first post called “Hello World!” as the single article you will see on new installs. From this point on, you can start creating your blog site’s categories and pages. Once done, you simply start posting articles which will then show on your front page.

Static Front Page – Home

I wrote an article which is based on using a static page for your front page from the WordPress website. The instructions are similar so not to confuse anyone. In a nutshell, you create two pages, one called whatever you want your home page to be called (it doesn’t have to be called “home”) where you can put whatever content here as it will be what people see when they come to your website. But there is one IMPORTANT thing to do before you move on to the next step: Write the ID number of the page you will create for your new front page down on paper as you will need this to edit the menu.php file which you will see in a moment…

Static Blog Page – Blog

The other page, which you can simply call it “blog”, is left empty and it’s used to load the article posts. You have to then go to the WP admin settings area for “Reading” to select the option as Static page and then you choose the pages according to the two pages you just made.

Static Front Page – Edit the Menu ID

Before you begin adding pages to your site (which will also become your menu structure), you will need to exclude the home page you made (and titled to whatever it was) from the menu code, otherwise you will end up with two home page links on your menu bar.

Open the menu.php file in your theme and look for this code:

<?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&exclude=');

After the “=” sign, add the ID of the page you made for your home and then save the file by adding the ID number only. This will now keep the original coded “home” link in your menu bar and will now remove your new static home page from the top main menu bar.

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