The Layers Theme offers the user the ability to change colours for select elements with almost unlimited combinations that an individual can come up with. This is achieved with the built-in colour selectors that are located in the theme settings…see the example below for the Header Colour setting.


The theme colours can be changed from the Style & Colour settings panel for the Layers theme. Click in each field and a popup colour selector displays a window with various tones of colour. Move the + around in the window and you will see the HEX (hexadecimal) colour value showing in the field. For example, the one in the screenshot above is a HEX colour of 293A47. When you click outside the popup, it will close leaving the new value in the field and once you Save your Changes, this will now be applied to your website for that particular element.

If you need to revert back to the original colour, I made this possible by adding the default value in the setting description that you will see to the right of each one. For example, for the Header Colour, the default value is shown:

Choose your own Header background colour after you select the header gradient option above as None. Default colour is 293A47

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