The default theme style for the page background is a dark bluish green colour gradient with black, very similar to the Pixel Theme Studio’s own page background. The Layers Theme comes with a set of different gradients that you can select, or you can do your own.

  1. Go to your Theme Settings and click on the Style & Colour Settings panel
  2. The style for your page background is set to Default, but to change this, make your selection from the drop down list.
    1. Default
    2. Rust
    3. Olive
    4. Amber
    5. Brown
    6. Wine
    7. Taupe
    8. Grey
    9. Grape
    10. Marine
    11. Custom
    12. None
  3. Click Save Changes

About the Custom Style

You have the option to use your own custom background image, such as a gradient by selecting that option in the dropdown list.To use your own custom styling, you will need to have some css knowledge.

  1. Select the style option as “Custom
  2. Open the theme’s style.css and look for this:
    #bg-Custom {} /* add your own background styling */
  3. Add your own styling between the { } curly brackets. You can use the other related styles as a guideline and if you use an image, your image should be uploaded to the theme’s image folder at: wp-content/themes/layerstheme/images/
  4. Save everything

About the None Style

Another option in the page background is “None” which basically removes the gradient image that repeats across horizontally and then lets you use a colour instead.

  1. Select the style option as “None
  2. Click  in the “Background Colour” field and then a colour selector will popup which lets you choose the colour you want.
  3. Click Save Changes
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