Perhaps the ultimate dream of any business owner or marketer in the world is to have more customers. When you refer to online marketing, however, their answer would change to “more site traffic”. You might feel like business is taking a toll on you. It’s especially more exhausting to run a business nowadays because of the demands of marketing. The digital world is limitless. We might not have the budget or the number of marketers that other bigger companies have. For small to medium business owners, it might be a case of you against the world. Luckily, we are here to help you win the game by sharing with you thirteen ways to boost your site’s traffic.

Never Stop Advertising with the Hopes of Boosting Your Site Traffic

This tip is actually a no-brainer. But, it still can be taken for granted. Always go back to the basics and remember to advertise. Get your site in front of the people with paid search, display advertising, and social media promotions. These are the most essential ways that are still very effective in building your brand and attracting users. Always be flexible in adapting to the changes so that your paid strategies can meet your goals. Invest on high commercial intent keywords. They might be more expensive, but rest assured that every penny you spend will be worth it.

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Go Social

Guess what, everybody is in social media. Use it and you access all kinds of demographics. Promote your content to increase your traffic through social media channels. To help your site rank high in personalized search, use Google+. If you want to get sneaky and a little bit mysterious, go for Twitter. Twitter is particularly good for luring people to click your links. To be successful in B2C niches, use Instagram and Pinterest.

Use Enticing Headlines

Headline is a crucial part of your content. A headline that lacks appeal will not get you anywhere. Even the most well-written articles get ignored when they are posted with a boring headline. Practice writing headlines. List down twenty headlines for a single post and eliminate those that you think are not effective. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and see if your own headlines urge you to click and read your own content.

Use On-Page SEO

If you think SEO is dead, you’re wrong. Search engine optimization is still worthwhile. Utilize all the SEO tools that you can possibly can. Make the most out of meta descriptions. Use image alt text, create internal links to your new contents. It doesn’t take much effort to optimize on-page SEO, anyway. Continue to use this strategy.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you’re all worked up with your high commercial intent keywords, you also have to pay attention to long-tail keywords. Also make a list of variations. Don’t miss out on getting traffic from paid search. Target long-tail keywords to rank high in majority of web searches through your traffic.

Don’t Take Email Marketing for Granted

Just as in fashion, classic still works. Even if content marketing already took over the spotlight, email marketing still remains. Every so often, an email blast can lead to a significant increase in your traffic. But, be careful not to send emails about every update on your business as this will affect you negatively. Every once in a while, remember the traditional method because it will always get you some traffic.

Be Open to Guest Blogging

You also have to share your insights and be known across the internet. Guest blogging can help you with this. Writing a guest post on various reputable websites also drives traffic to your own website. These bargains still exist, but should be done with caution. There are new guidelines on guest blogging so it pays to be careful.

Accept Guest Blogs on Your Website

Guest blogging should go on both ways. It is reciprocal. If you were given the chance to write for another blog, you should also invite others to write for your own sire. As they share and link their articles, you also get more traffic. Just check on your guest blogs if they contain spammy links to avoid any issues with Google.

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Ensure That Your Site is Highly Responsive

Gone are the days when desktops and laptops are used to browse the internet. Everyone uses their phone and tablets to access the web. If your website doesn’t work well on these browsing devices, it is a major turn off for the users. Make sure that your website is user-friendly and accessible to guarantee a comfortable browsing experience for your audience.

Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

Prevent your bounce rate from shooting up by making sure that your webpage loads fast. Users immediately close your site if it takes forever to load. Optimize your pages and check the functionality of third party plug ins. Use the appropriate image file sizes and the suitable page structures for your website to be fast. The faster it loads, the more traffic and retention you get.

Keep Your Analytics Data in Check

Keep your eyes on your metrics. Why else are you using Google Analytics if you don’t use it for its purpose? Google Analytics gives you very valuable information on different aspects of your site. It tells you what the most popular pages are and what age group usually visits your website. Utilize these results to boost your promotional strategies. Know which posts and pages provide you with the most traffic and optimize these pages more.

Be Active on Social Media

Being on social media is not the same is being active on it. Having a Facebook Page or a Twitter account isn’t enough online presence. Actively participate on these channels. Share content, reply to comments, and answer your readers’ questions. Don’t let your likes feel like they are ignored. Use social media correctly – be interactive. Join communities, and groups, pique their interest, and use relevant hashtags to be found.

Do Not Rely on One Strategy Alone

There is a reason why we chose to share thirteen strategies and not one. Do not focus on one strategy because who knows, it might not work for you. Explore different ways on how to drive traffic. Try out all possible ways. When something fails, eliminate it and try the others. There is no single formula to success in online marketing. You need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Success in online marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It also requires patience and persistence. At the end of the day, you will be rewarded with the traffic that you deserve. Hopefully, these thirteen steps will help boost your traffic effectively.

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