When anyone plans to create an online e-commerce store then the first thing that comes to his mind is Magento as Magento comes at the top of the list of platforms which are used for building e-commerce stores. Magento has established itself as the most powerful e-commerce solution. It is much easier to create and maintain a website built on the Magento platform. If you want to enhance your online business with a more robust and powerful e-commerce site then there are many benefits of using Magento, which you can get. For e.g. in a Magento based website, you can even customize existing themes and plugins which opens many possibilities. Magento is an user-friendly and highly interactive platform and allows you to customize it as per your business requirements.

If you are thinking about the benefits of custom theme development then you can start from the scratch. If you have created a PSD file using Photoshop then now you have to look to convert PSD to Magento because by this process you will get a very attractive Magento website with awesome look and feel. To extend the functionality of your Magento website you can install some of the available plugins most of which are available for free.

If you go for custom Magento theme development then it can bring major improvements to your E-Commerce store. Developing a custom theme for your Magento site will bring many benefits like increase in search engine ranking for your website, increase in sales and improvement in brand value. A Magento custom theme will also add new flexibility, better performance, visibility, along with unique content, improved features and functionality to your site.

Magento is the best and most popular platform for E-commerce online stores. Also so many other online stores use Magento. Therefore there is a design similarity which exists with many online stores. If you are going for development of Magento E-commerce site then you have a choice. Either you can choose from default Magento theme or choose to create a custom Magento theme. Going for developing a custom Magento theme is a great way to get ahead of the competition and get higher search engine ranking for your site.

Some benefits of Magento Theme Development:-


  • Attract Audience


When you want to get the Magento theme for your online store then there are three possible ways to get it:-

      • Search the desired theme as per your business needs from the free themes which are available online and use it as it is
      • or you can customize the selected theme as per your specific requirements
      • Or you can create a fresh theme from the scratch

Important thing which you have to keep in mind is that the design of the site is the prime thing which gives the first impression to the visitors hence it should be well constructed with awesome images so that it can attract the visitors.


  • W3C Compliance


The website which wants to be successful should be W3C compliance. A W3C compliance website will allows you to get maximum potential audience as being W3C compliant means free of the programming errors, increased click-through and multiple browser compatibility. These types of benefits are possible with Magento Theme customization and development as they make sure the website is compliance with W3C standards.


  • SEO Friendliness


If we use the clean and SEO semantic code then it will ensure better site ranking in the search engine results. Magento developers hand code the site while doing custom theme development, which bring better visibility for the site on search engines.

Things to Consider for Magento Theme Designing and Development

When you are starting with Magento development, there are certain things which you should consider. Although Magento is an easy to use platform, still it requires expertise and in-depth knowledge in certain technologies to create highly dynamic, robust and powerful themes and websites.



  • Theme Development



It is better to follow the incremental structure while creating Magento themes. Don’t build themes in separate folder which is a common mistake by developers.



  • jQuery



Magento doesn’t include jQuery in its default state but if you want then you can associate it with your themes. You have to make sure to do this before prototype so that there is no conflict in your library.



  • XML Layout



You should have expert understanding and knowledge of XML layout to develop the Magento site efficiently.


Development Tools:-


You can use development tools for your customization and development work. Profiler is one of the most common tools available online which you can use.


Standard Markup:-


Magento use HTML markup mostly. You have to make sure that you develop the code which is somewhat similar to the original code.


Support CSS:-


You should not alter the source template. You can develop the themes which are lot more CSS-friendly as Magento supports CSS.



Magento has established itself as a most popular and widely used E-commerce platform. It has offered many benefits to the business owners as well as to the customers. Customizing Magento theme is another way for getting more benefits from Magento as using Magento the business owners can incorporate and implement more features which are required for their custom business operations. Customizing Magento theme requires expertise in certain technologies therefore the businesses should hire expert Magento developers for implementing custom Magento themes.

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