With this template the top banners are easy to manage and don’t require any special coding. In fact, you can use any Joomla media, gallery, or image extension, and if it uses a module, you can load that module in the top of any page you have in your site.

Your Banner/Header Images

First thing you will want to do is to prepare your images, regardless if you are using a gallery component or a simply module with a single image, you will want to get your images ready. For the sake of this tutorials, I will do this as a single image in a module only.

  1. Upload your image either by FTP or with your Joomla Media Manager
  2. Go to your Module Manager and click NEW and select the Custom HTML module option
  3. Use the editor’s image built-in image manager or use the Joomla default Image button at the bottom of the editor
  4. Publish your module to the page or area of your site and don’t publish the title of this module (unless you want to)
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