Technically this is not an official Media based widget but more of a reserved widget position where you can insert static images, rotating images, a slideshow, flash movie, or other forms of media based content. You can use a text widget for this which is the Header Media widget position. Your use of this position is basically up to your imagination and needs and can be almost any size you want – just make sure it’s realistic.

  1. Drag a text widget to the Header Media widget position
  2. If you are using a static image, you can use html coding to load the image in with <img src=”your image path” alt=”text to describe the image” height=”height of image” width=”width of image” />
  3. Click Save and view it in the front-end of your site

If you setup your header like I did on the demo site with both the Header Caption and the Header Media widget positions, your page should look like this:


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